My Breastfeeding Journey

I have been an Exclusively Breastfeeding Mom, from the day Cookie was born till he was 21.5 months old. YES, he has been weaned recently. I had an emergency Contact Section just one day before my due date. After being rolled out of the OT half an hour after Cookie was born, he was brought to me within 5 minutes. He was fed within one hour of being born!
I consider myself lucky in that aspect

I had a brilliant team of Gynaecologist and Paediatric, who had instructed the nurses that the mother is lactating well and the child shouldn’t be formula fed, at any cost. The second night that we were in the hospital, Cookie was crying inconsolably and we thought he was hungry. When we called for the nurse, she refused to give him formula and took him for a walk and brought him back when he has slept off. Yes, that boosted my confidence! Even while Cookie was in the baby room for his ABO incompatibility jaundice, I would be called every two hours to feed him. The first three days that I spent in the hospital, boosted my moral and confidence a lot.

What broke me down was everyone telling me that after three months, the body stops producing milk. Needless to say, these *women* who told me this knew nothing about Breastfeeding and I had enough knowledge from support groups to know that the body produces milk until the baby is drinking it.

Cookie and I had a very smooth Breastfeeding journey, together. I have fed him everywhere, cars, restaurants, parks, airports, lounges, trains, cars, aircraft, blogger meets, events, at friends’ places, at the beach, on holiday trips: you name and I have done it. For me, the priority has always been to keep him full.
When Cookie would fall ill, I would stop everything and nurse him and he would be okay in a day or two! That is the power of Breastfeeding which I experienced! It helped us when the teething monster struck and when the vaccination would happen! Nursing also helped us through the sleepless nights. It was like a magic wand that solved all our problems!

After Cookie turned one year old, I kept hearing from everyone that I should now wean him. But I wasn’t ready to do so, simply because he wasn’t ready to be weaned. For babies, Breastfeeding is the biggest comfort that ever exists and I wasn’t ready to take it away from him.
To make things worse, I was also told that it will be difficult to wean him because he doesn’t drink milk in a glass/bottle(read: animal milk). But I was confident that I would be able to wean him easily, without the aid of animal milk consumption! And I did. It was *GENTLE WEANING* and I was at home with him, holding him through the night when he cried for being nursed. All it took was three days but we prepared him for this in advance!

Want to know how I weaned him? Wait for my next post!

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