How I helped my Baby walk

To see a baby walk is a big milestone for the baby and his parents,one of the most exciting one as well. A parent waits eagerly to see this independent streak in the baby from the time he starts crawling. For me, this stage came when my baby was 13 months old and I had to help him gain the confidence on how to walk independently. Although he was pushing things around from the age of 8 months, he never stood independently (without support) until he started walking.

I had a tough time thinking about how to help my baby walk or at least gain the confidence that he can walk. That is when I tried a few of the steps that I am jotting down here and he started walking within 2 days.

Stage 1

The first stage towards this development is crawling. While the child learns how to crawl, he also simultaneously learns how to stand up. This is truly the first stage of walking. The child first learns that he can stand up and the World looks different from that angle. It is at this stage that you need to support your child and help him push things around. It helps him gain the belief that he can do things. The objects that you could use are:

  • Cardboard boxes filled with toys or heavy things to make it heavy.
  • Chairs.
  • Four-wheeled trolley bags.
  • Anything with wheels that are heavy.

Stage 2

Once your baby is confident of pushing things around, make him walk wall to wall or sofa to sofa. Slowly, transition this to increase the gap between the walls or the sofa. Keep a gap of one metre between the two. Alternatively, one of the parents can sit one metre away from the wall and ask the baby to walk towards him/her. This will help your child gain confidence in taking baby steps towards the person.

Stage 3

Once your baby can cover that gap of one metre confidently, start increasing the gap. Also, you can dangle his/her favourite toy in front of him so that he is compelled to walk ahead to snatch it from you.  Try this on a flat surface that has soft cushioning so that even if your baby falls, he won’t get hurt.


I hope this article would be useful for you. Let me know in the comments what you think about this.









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