Ground Zero

According to the dictionary, ground zero refers to the beginning of some activity or the starting point. For me, having a baby was actually like being at ground zero. It was the beginning to many things in my life. Things I would procrastinate, things I didn't think I was capable of, things I didn't think... Continue Reading →

Quick Recipes for babies

While raising a baby/toddler almost without any external help, we are always looking out for recipes that are simple and easy to make. The first 12-14 months of raising Cookie were a breeze even if I say so myself and contradict it later. The reason being, he let me cook whatever I wanted to. Around... Continue Reading →

A Reader’s Delight

After having a baby, there are multiple new hobbies that one gets into. The major reason for this is that we are restricted to being at home. One such hobby that one could indulge into is reading. Reading is a hobby that needs to be cultivated carefully because if one starts with a wrong author/genre, they would... Continue Reading →

Wear Them All

  Does the title of this article strike a chord with you? If you know me or have met me, it would rarely have been without a baby carrier. From the time this Lil Cookie was 10 weeks old, we've been using a baby carrier and now I can't imagine an outing without one. How... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Tryst with Unlearning!

When a woman transforms into a mother, a lot of things around her changes. She sees everything with a new perspective; she breaks her way of thinking to learn new ways. This transformation or the process of discarding one's knowledge to learn something new is called Unlearning. Motherhood brings with it, anxiety, worries and so... Continue Reading →

Vaccination for Babies!

When a baby is born, one of the first things that are associated with him is the vaccination card. With the advancing science and Technology, the risks and number of diseases have also increased. Vaccination is one of the safer ways to prevent some diseases. One example of vaccination that helps prevents diseases is Polio... Continue Reading →

Traveling with Kids (0-18 months)

Travelling with kids is difficult and challenging. A lot of preparation goes into making this travel happen. There is absolutely no guideline that can make this happen in an absolutely wonderful manner, there can, however, be ways in which it can be made easier for you. Cookie's first travel happened when he was 8 weeks.... Continue Reading →

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