Welcome to Tales by Tammy

Tamanna Bavishi.. Tamanna Bavishi Shah.. Tammy and now Mamma. It may sound funny but to me it has been the best-est feeling ever! Okay, it’s cliched but it’s also the best name I could have ever gotten!

I experienced this emotion called “MOTHERHOOD” when I first took the home pregnancy test at 4 weeks and 4 days. Life has never been the same since then.

At 24 months, I am learning “Parenting” from Cookie and it has been a process of unlearning for me. As a result, “Tammy” has completely changed.

From being a staunch Potterhead, an avid reader and a blogger..  uh, wait, not much has changed. I’m still a crazy Potterhead, still a reader and a blogger, the only difference is that the Mini “me” is now a BIG part of it.

So when I’m not trying to get the “perfect” Instagram shot of Cookie, I’m managing my write ups, having a ball with Cookie, experimenting with recipes, tweaking them to make them toddler approved and reading fan-fiction.

This pretty much sums up my roller-coaster life right now I guess!

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